Rob Reischak is a session guitarist, composer and instructor born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Currently based in Los Angeles, Rob started playing the guitar during middle school, at the age of 13. Fascinated by the guitar and its sounds, he started taking it serious by learning music theory and having private lessons with renowned local guitarists, such as Julio Herrlein and Martin Lucas.

With appreciation for a variety of music genres, Rob grew up in a scene where guitarists like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen and Greg Howe - to name a few - were on top of their business, and that style of music, a fusion of rock and jazz, certainly influenced him at that first stage. That instrumental guitar-oriented music made him discover even more great guitarists like Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Mike Stern, Robben Ford, Allan Holdsworth, John Scofield and George Benson.

During his career in Brazil Rob had to manage his time between his full-time job (to pay the bills) and his work as a musician. Music wise, he used to teach as a private instructor and play in cover bands. The most significant one - Mr. Big Cover (later named Mr. Toyland) - a tribute band to the American band MR. BIG. With this band, him and his band mates got some very memorable shows, playing for over 1200 people in a sold out night at Bar Opinião.

In 2014 Rob moved to Los Angeles to pursue one of his biggest dreams - to study at Musicians Institute. During this time he had the pleasure of studying with incredible teachers like Jinshi Ozaki, Dave Hill, Al Bonhomme and Allen Hinds - to name a few. He also had the chance of working with great independent artists. And after 18 months he is a magna cum laude graduate of MI, and had the honor of receiving the Award of Outstanding Player of 2015.

Currently working with the band Vaud and The Villains - a 1930’s new orleans big band - Rob will be performing in various famous theatres and venues across the country. He’s also working with the up-and-coming country singer Alexandria Corn, who just released her first EP and will be on tour soon. And 2017 promises to be a great one while Rob is looking forward to finishing writing the songs for his very first solo album, to be recorded this year.